The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining a Quarry Jaw Crusher for 100tph Capacity

The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining a Quarry Jaw Crusher for 100tph Capacity

A quarry in which jaw crusher is one of the indispensable machines for the workers has become the key to the success of the quarry. Of course, the equipment has good wear resistance, if the equipment is not properly maintained, it will seriously affect the normal operation of the quarry. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, you should make more efforts to understand the performance characteristics and processing capacity of the equipment, and choose the equipment that suits you.

Here is a guide to help you maintain your quarry jaw crusher.

Routine maintenance 1. It is important to regularly check the wear parts of the jaw crusher, such as the jaw plate, toggle plate, and liner. Replace them immediately if they are worn out or broken. 2. Regularly lubricate the jaw crusher components to ensure smooth operation. 3. Keep the jaw crusher clean by cleaning the surrounding area and removing any debris that could get inside the crusher. 4. Check the tightness of the fastening bolts and make sure they are tight before starting the machine.

Preventive maintenance 1. Regularly check the tension and temperature of the V-belts. Adjust or replace them if necessary. 2. Inspect the electrical connections and wires of the jaw crusher. Replace any worn or damaged wires. 3. Regularly clean the dust and dirt in the electrical box to prevent overheating of the electrical components. 4. Schedule regular inspections of the jaw crusher by a qualified technician to identify any potential issues before they become major problems. 5. Keep a record of all maintenance activities, including dates and details of what was done. This will help you track the performance and maintenance history of your jaw crusher.

Troubleshooting 1. If the jaw crusher does not start, check the main electrical box for any issues. Make sure all connections are properly tightened and the power supply is adequate. 2. If the jaw crusher makes an unusual noise, or if there is a vibration, it could be a sign of loose or broken parts. Stop the machine immediately and inspect it to identify the problem. 3. If the jaw crusher stops abruptly during operation, it could be due to overload. Reduce the feed size and adjust the feeding speed to prevent this from happening again. 4. If the jaw crusher is producing excessive dust or noise, it could be a sign of inefficient or excessive feeding. Adjust the feeding amount and ensure a proper working environment to solve this issue.

In conclusion, maintaining a quarry jaw crusher for a 100tph capacity requires regular maintenance to ensure its reliability and efficiency. Above all, be proactive during maintenance to maximize the lifespan of the machine and reduce the possibility of breakdowns. Remember, prevention is better than cure when it comes to preserving your equipment.

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